Five Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make When it Comes to Cyber Insurance and How to Avoid Them

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Michael Benson
April 1st | 7:00 pm EDT | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Cyber Umbrella Mission

To protect 5 Million people by awarding our Pen Testing Grants.

Coverage and Compliance

Five simple questions and how to answer them to ensure you understand Cyber Liability Insurance

Ransomware Protection

We will not go through the technical details of ransomware protection

Closer look

Law Firm with 2 computers and how they paid $32,000 in ransom


About Michael Benson

Michael held the record for being the world's youngest glaucoma surgery patient in 1961, only days after birth. He was driven to explore the world and secure his finances for potential blindness. Regretfully, his advanced glaucoma barred him from military service, which led him to divide his efforts between entrepreneurship and philanthropy. is dedicated to safeguarding personal information within the U.S. by alerting businesses to impending cyber threats—“We are at war and much like Paul Revere’s historical warning, We are sharing loudly, The cyberattack is coming, the cyberattack is coming!” CU is part of Love Vision Inc., a nonprofit aiming to provide grants for penetration testing for numerous American businesses, Cyber Umbrella works to identify IT vulnerabilities/risks and uncover hidden threats within servers, with a goal to protect 5 million Americans personal data in the next 12 months.

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